GeneX GA-L

GeneX GA-L (Glycated Albumin)

Intended Use

in vitro diagnostic medical device that helps diagnose diabetes by quantifying Glycated Albumin(GA) in human serum and plasma (EDTA, Heparin) by Enzymatic method.

Product Information

Assay principle Enzymatic method
Sample Serum / Plasma
Storage conditions 2 ~ 8 ℃
Approval No. 21 - 4240

Order Information

Products Cat No. Composition
GeneX GA R1 GXS1001A 32mL x 1 Vial
GeneX GA R2 8mL x 1 Vial
GeneX ALB R1 30mL x 1 Vial
GeneX ALB R2 10mL x 1 Vial
GeneX GA-ALB Calibrator GXC5001A 1mL x 1 Conc. x 1 Vial
GeneX GA-ALB Control GXC5002A 1mL x 2 Conc. x 2 Vials

This product is an in vitro diagnostic medical device”, please refer to “Precautions for use”and “Instructions for use”.